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Bride and bridegroom

It is the most modern way to invite guests to your wedding!

Interactive invitation represents your personal site with the wedding invitation that is created almost in a second! The invitation is always available on your guests’ phone/computer!

Delivering of the invitation is so easy!

Just send a link for your guest! (SMS-send will be available soon!)

What kind of advantages do you get?

Круто!It has never been so easy!

  • For free now!

    It costs $0 for a service!

  • Fast compilation

    Just a few moments, and the invitation is ready!

  • Delivery online (SMS-send comming soon!)

    Send the invitation in one touch!

  • Adaptable for mobile devices

    The invitation can be comfortably viewed on mobile devices.

  • Integration with Instagram

    Your photos from the Instagram account are showed on your page in a real time mode.

  • Personalized address

    Each invitation is addressed to the guest by his/her name, and has the possibility of verification.

  • Tags on the maps and schedule of the day

    Mark the place of the ceremony and the restaurant on the map and make the schedule of the day – it will be easier for your guests to navigate.

  • Upload your Love Story

    Upload your Love Story or just photos with both of you.

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Guest Reviews

What do the guests say about the interactive wedding invitation?

  • «I opened the link - it's an awesome idea! I have not seen anything like this yet ) It is really interesting and cool!»

  • «It is the most unusual invitation that we have ever seen! ) We are pleased to accept your invitation!»

  • «Very unusual! ) Thank you!»

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Questions and answers

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

  • Author
    23 years, California

    Question: What happens to the invitation after the wedding day?

    Support team: The invitation is available within 1 year after the wedding! You will be able to upload the wedding photos so that all guests will be able to have a look at them, and you will not have to send them to each guest separately.

  • Author
    21 years, New York

    Question: We would like to have such a page, but we do not really want to send the invitation personally to every guest :(

    Support team: You do not need to if you do not want to! :) The Service easily allows you to use the invitation as an invitation site with absolutely the same functionality!

  • Author
    19 years, Atlanta

    Question: Will the invitation work on mobile phones?

    Support team: Yes, of course! The invitation works well on smartphones and tablets! The Service is adapted for mobile platforms.

  • Author
    25 years, Dallas

    Question: Is it possible to select a new invitation template when the payment has been already done?

    Support team: Yes, it is! You can change the chosen template at any time as well as select a new one.

  • Author
    20 years, Boston

    Question: Do you provide any help if something is not clear by the drawing up?

    Support team: Of course, we do! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:


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