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Fill in the information about yourself and your wedding day, upload photos, select the appropriate template.

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Your invitation is ready to go! You can edit the information and immediately see the result. In addition, you can look at the invitation as the guest sees it.

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Sending invitations

When the result is completely satisfied with you, pay. Now you can send invitations links to guests!


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Templates of the invitations

Wedding invitation template - Sweet couple

«Sweet couple»

Wedding invitation template - Light


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Wedding invitation site

People in love try to make every single moment spent together magical and unforgettable. And that is why the most important moment in their lives - the wedding celebration - should be turned into the most charming, amazing and overwhelming action ever. However, it requires a huge investment of forces and costs for its preparation and implementation.

Do you want to make your celebration unique, and turn the routine of the traditional invitation of guests into a fascinating process? Then you need a special wedding site, which acts as a trendy wedding invitation.

The wedding site is an indispensable attribute of a modern wedding celebration, that allows you to introduce your soul mate to your guests and relatives and facilitate the process of organizing the celebration. Here you can find the necessary information regarding the future event: from the countdown timer to the touching personal photo archive of your love story. The wedding site provides a detailed schedule of the celebration, indicating the exact time and places. This information is supplemented by a detailed map of the journey to the venue of each stage of the celebration. By creating your wedding website, you can choose the design you like from the offered templates, you can use personal photos and videos.

Each person invited by you will receive a personal invitation to the wedding and will be able to confirm his or her presence. This is especially useful when your guests are from other cities, regions and countries.
An interactive wedding invitation is created for your comfort and is available not only on any computer device, but also on mobile gadgets. The information posted on your wedding website can be viewed only by the people you want to see at your celebration.
Then you can put wedding photos on the site, which will be definitely viewed with pleasure not only by the newlyweds, but also by the guests.

This personal wedding website allows you to:

  • invite guests, including non-residents, to the celebration, without spending a considerable amount of time and energy on this procedure;
  • save on expensive printing of traditional exclusive invitations;
  • know the exact number of invited guests and take into account their wishes regarding the options for traveling to the venue of the celebration and the banquet menu, which allows you to plan the organization of the event in a more detailed way;
  • organize an unforgettable celebration, taking advantage of the kindly provided help of friends and relatives;
  • specify the details and conditions of the upcoming celebration in advance (this is especially important if your wedding has a thematic focus);
  • trace the most touching and happy moments of your dating, love story and episodes of the wedding day;
  • read wishes from your guests as well as their impressions of the celebration;
  • insert cherished photos with hash tag from Instagram;
  • impress the guests with your originality and creativity, sharing with them the happiest moment of your life.

After the solemn event, the wedding site can be transformed into your personal family photo album, from which the story of your happy family can begin.

The site with the invitation to the wedding is a modern and incredibly creative variant of the invitation to the celebration, which will appeal not only to the newlyweds, but also to the older generation. It can become an original, up-to-date and desired gift for the wedding celebration of close friends.

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