It is the most modern way to invite guests to your wedding!

Are you ready to make your wedding modern and interesting? Do you want to turn the process of inviting guests into an exciting pastime?
Then our service is created exclusively for you!

Place your own love story, program of events, and also tags on the map. Connect the Instagram stream with your own hash-tag - photos from the instagram will be displayed on your page! Each guest will receive an individual invitation and will be able to confirm participation in the celebration, sending you a couple of words and answering the questions you are interested in.

Interactive invitation is your unique story-appeal to guests, which is created almost instantly! An invitation is always available on the phone or on the guest's computer! Such an invitation is especially convenient for the guests who are kilometers away from you, and for those who, for some reason, still have not seen your soul mate.

The functions of the service are constantly improving, so be sure that you are using the most perfect one!

Wedding invitations online

So, what do you get

Our service is equipped with all the necessary functions to work with the invitation!

Try before buy!

No payment BEFORE is required!

Fast compilation

Just a few moments, and the invitation is ready!

Logical and modern way to invite people

Use the full functionality of the service to the maximum!

Guests coordination

Mark the place of the ceremony and the restaurant on the map and make the schedule of the day – it will be easier for your guests to navigate.

Love Story and wedding photo album

Upload your Love Story or just photos with both of you, and after the wedding upload the photos to the wedding album

Delivery online and via SMS + statistics!

Send an invitation in one click, and track the statistics of opening


Ask your guests questions,that you would like to have answered.

Question / Answer

Answer the possible questions of the guests in advance!

Personal appeal

Each invitation is personal, with the possibility of confirmation.

Integration with Instagram

Your photos from Instagram are displayed on your page.

Video appeal

Add a video appeal to your guests to your invitation!

Your domain

Your invitation will work on your own domain name!

* Not in all tariffs

Ready to start?

Templates of the invitations

At the moment, there are 4 high-quality interactive invitations, adapted for any device!

Invitation: «Lace»
Wedding invitation template - Lace
Price: 4990 rubles (included 100 invitations)
View this template
Invitation: «Sweet couple»
Wedding invitation template - Sweet couple
Price: 3890 rubles (included 50 invitations)
View this template
Invitation: «Light»
Wedding invitation template - Light
Price: 3190 rubles (included 35 invitations)
View this template
Invitation: «Soft»
Wedding invitation template - Soft
Price: 3190 rubles (included 35 invitations)
View this template

Service #wedinvent or site "DIY"?

Take a couple of minutes of your time and watch the comparison of opportunities of and the prospect of creating a wedding site by yourself, "DIY"

Buy domain

You need to select and pay for the domain.


A third-party domain is not required. It is included in the price.
Pay for hosting

You need to pay for hosting services.


Working with us, you will not have to hear this terrible word hosting :) It is included in the price.
Buy a template

You need to buy a template for the site.


The cost of the templates has already been taken into account.
Infinite transfer and coordination of information

You need to optimize the content on your own, or to be engaged in forwarding all information to the selected contractor.

You are free from any coordinations!

Fill in just a few fields and manage the photos by yourself!
No personal appeal to the guest

You can not send personal invitations for each guest.

Personal appeal to the guest!

You can send personal invitations by SMS or via text messengers.
Without Instagram

You will not be able to connect the Instagram stream with your hash tag.

With Instagram

Our service has been tested and approved by Instagram! Connecting your hash tag occurs in just a couple of clicks.
You depend on your contractor

If you need to change the marks on the map, the schedule of the day or other data, you will have to contact the contractor again and again.

Easy-to-use account

You will be able to change any posted information by yourself at any time!

So, let's start? :)

What do people say about us?

We thank all users for the nice words!

Amanda, California

Many thanks for your service !!! We saved a lot of time in the matter of inviting guests! Every step was quick and efficient! We recommend the service to our friends! :) Dont hesitate - just try it!

Betty, New York

It s awesome! Happy that we have found such a thing! It is really something new and interesting! It is especially useful for the guests who live in other cities. They have appreciated the benefits of such an invitation! Nobody asked the questions like: "And where? And when? ", well, except those ones, who did not look through the invitation ;) Good luck with the development of the service!

Eliza, Atlanta

First and foremost, we want to thank the lightning-fast support! We have got the help in a second! Thank you for adding the ability to embed a video message - this is a very useful thing) And thank you for helping us to place it in our invitation!

Helen, Dallas

Guys! There are no words to describe it! Very cool service! We connected the Instagram to the invitation, we did not even have to upload the love story separately, because we, I mean, my husband and me, had published it in the Instagram with our own hash tag before. The service found all our photos and displayed on the site! Very cool! We wish you success in the further development, you are the best! :)

Your wedding invitation site

People in love try to make every single moment spent together magical and unforgettable. And that is why the most important moment in their lives - the wedding celebration - should be turned into the most charming, amazing and overwhelming action ever. However, it requires a huge investment of forces and costs for its preparation and implementation.

Do you want to make your celebration unique, and turn the routine of the traditional invitation of guests into a fascinating process? Then you need a special wedding site, which acts as a trendy wedding invitation.

The wedding site is an indispensable attribute of a modern wedding celebration, that allows you to introduce your soul mate to your guests and relatives and facilitate the process of organizing the celebration. Here you can find the necessary information regarding the future event: from the countdown timer to the touching personal photo archive of your love story. The wedding site provides a detailed schedule of the celebration, indicating the exact time and places. This information is supplemented by a detailed map of the journey to the venue of each stage of the celebration. By creating your wedding website, you can choose the design you like from the offered templates, you can use personal photos and videos.

Each person invited by you will receive a personal invitation to the wedding and will be able to confirm his or her presence. This is especially useful when your guests are from other cities, regions and countries.
An interactive wedding invitation is created for your comfort and is available not only on any computer device, but also on mobile gadgets. The information posted on your wedding website can be viewed only by the people you want to see at your celebration.
Then you can put wedding photos on the site, which will be definitely viewed with pleasure not only by the newlyweds, but also by the guests.

Features of the wedding site

This personal wedding website allows you to

  • invite guests, including non-residents, to the celebration, without spending a considerable amount of time and energy on this procedure;
  • save on expensive printing of traditional exclusive invitations;
  • know the exact number of invited guests and take into account their wishes regarding the options for traveling to the venue of the celebration and the banquet menu, which allows you to plan the organization of the event in a more detailed way;
  • organize an unforgettable celebration, taking advantage of the kindly provided help of friends and relatives;
  • specify the details and conditions of the upcoming celebration in advance (this is especially important if your wedding has a thematic focus);
  • trace the most touching and happy moments of your dating, love story and episodes of the wedding day;
  • read wishes from your guests as well as their impressions of the celebration;
  • insert cherished photos with hash tag from Instagram
  • impress the guests with your originality and creativity, sharing with them the happiest moment of your life.

After the solemn event, the wedding site can be transformed into your personal family photo album, from which the story of your happy family can begin.

The site with the invitation to the wedding is a modern and incredibly creative variant of the invitation to the celebration, which will appeal not only to the newlyweds, but also to the older generation.It can become an original, up-to-date and desired gift for the wedding celebration of close friends.

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Questions and answers

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

  • What happens to the invitation after the wedding day?

    Answer: The invitation is available within 1 year after the wedding! You will be able to upload the wedding photos so that all guests will be able to have a look at them, and you will not have to send them to each guest separately.

  • We would like to have such a page, but we do not really want to send the invitation personally to every guest :(

    Answer: You do not need to if you do not want to! :) The Service easily allows you to use the invitation as an invitation site with absolutely the same functionality!

  • Will the invitation work on mobile phones?

    Answer: Yes, of course! The invitation works well on smartphones and tablets! The Service is adapted for mobile platforms.

  • Is it possible to select a new invitation template when the payment has been already done?

    Answer: Yes, it is! You can change the chosen template at any time as well as select a new one.

  • Do you provide any help if something is not clear by the drawing up?

    Answer: Of course, we do! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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