Terms and Conditions of Use

Last modified: August 1, 2016

Before using the service, please read the terms and conditions of using the service wedinvent.com (Service)!

These rules regulate the work of the service and are applied to all visitors, users and other persons who gain access to the Service (Users).

1. General information

Description of the Service

The Service allows you to prepare and send a personalized interactive wedding invitation quickly and easily. The interactive invitation is a one-page website (a wedding website), where you can place information about the wedding day and some media materials.

Delivering of invitations (the link to the invitation) can be carried out by SMS* messages (* comming soon), or by any application (a web site) that allows sending text messages. In the case of sending the link to the invitation via SMS, the Service automatically generates and sends the necessary message to the designated guest’s phone number. In the case of using other technologies that support text messaging, you need to copy your referral link to the invitation manually and send it to the guest.

Operating area of the Service

The service is intended for operation on the territory of all over the World for English-language people.

The storage period of your interactive invitations

The created by you invitation is available on the Service during at least 1 year from the date of your wedding. This means that you can use the Service to the full even after the wedding celebration. For example, you can upload the wedding photos, that you will get later, and you do not need to send photos to each guest individually. They will be available to view for all your invited guests. The Service is constantly evolving, due this the functionality, that you will be able use, is increasing.

2. Editing of the interactive invitations

Basic information

In this section, you must specify the following information:

  • Wedding Date;
  • Photo of the bride;
  • Photo of the groom;
  • Name of the bride;
  • Name of the groom;
  • The text of the invitation;
  • The hash tag for Instagram;
  • Place of the wedding ceremony;
  • Address of the marriage registration office;
  • Location for the festive dinner;
  • Address of the place for the festive dinner.

Video greeting

Here you can attach to the invitation your recorded video-greeting, located on one of the video hosting sites such as YouTube.

Choice of templates

Here you can select a template for your invitation.

Love Story

Here you can upload photos from your Love Story photo shooting or any other photos of your couple. It will be interesting for the guests to have a look at them. Some guests live in other cities and could not have a chance to see you together. Please note that all photos should be provided in JPG, PNG, GIF format and must each not exceed the file size of 10 MB.

Schedule of the day

In this section, you can schedule your entire wedding day by hours / locations. You can also specify who must be present at particular places and who may be present if desired. It will be simple for your guests to navigate throughout the day, and they do not have to get into touch with you constantly, specifying the needed location, distracting you at such an important moment.

For your convenience, this section is filled in automatically by the registration, so you can easily edit all items of the schedule of the day.


This is one of the most important sections on the Service. Here you manage the records of guests, send SMS invitations, watch the reports of your invitations in a real time mode.

This section contains statistics on invitations and comments on them, if any are present. There are following items of statistics of invitations:

  • Invitations prepared;
  • Invitations sent;
  • Invitations viewed;
  • Invitations accepted;
  • Waiting for delivery;
  • Delivery failure.

Invitations prepared

This is the number of invitations you prepared.

Invitations sent

This is the number of invitations you sent. IT IS IMPORTANT! This item indicates the number of invitations sent per SMS messages. The number of the copied links to the invitations is not taken into account, as it is not technically possible.

Invitations viewed

This is the number of invitations viewed. Please note that the view is considered to be the opening by a guest the link to the interactive invitation. Pressing the "Confirm" button is not taken into account.

Invitations accepted

Here you specify the number of accepted invitations. The invitation is accepted when the guest presses the "Confirm" button in the invitation sent to him. Please note that the number of accepted invitations is included in the number of viewed invitations because it is impossible to accept the invitation without viewing it.

Waiting for delivery

This item takes into account the invitations, which are currently undergoing the procedure of sending via SMS. IT IS IMPORTANT! If some of invitations retain the status of "Waiting for delivery" for a day or more, it is likely that the phone number that was used to send a message to either does not exist or is out of coverage / is off. We recommended to specify the phone number of this guest and to create, if it is necessary, a new guest record with a new phone number by removing the "freezing up" record.

Delivery failure

There are records of invitations that have not been delivered. Additional attempts to send the invitations are not planned. Most likely, the number, listed in the guest record, is wrong or delivery to this number is blocked. We recommended to specify the phone number of the guest and to create, if it is necessary, a new guest record with a new phone number by removing the "freezing up" record. IT IS IMPORTANT! The Service does not guarantee 100% delivery of all SMS messages, as delivery failure may be connected with errors and failures in the equipment of the third party, by means of which the delivery of messages takes place, or delivery of SMS-mailing can be locked on a subscriber number. The Service is not liable if the message has not been delivered due to errors or failures in the operation equipment of the third parties (e.g., SMS gateways, network operators).

Wedding photos

You can upload your wedding photos in this section. Please note, the ability to upload photos to this section will be opened on the wedding date specified by you.

3. Payment for the Service


Payment for the Service is made once without any additional follow-up fees.

Free of charge features of the Service

Without paying for the Service you can get acquainted with the Service, investigate its functions as long as you wish. You can study the full functionality of the Service except the possibility of sending invitations to guests. Please note that the generated personal links for interactive invitations will not work. Sending SMS messages with an invitation is also not available.

Features of the paid service

After completing the payment for the Service all personal references of guests as well as the ability to send an invitation via the SMS* message (comming soon) are activated. It means that the Service goes into full operational readiness.

4. Changes in the Terms of using the Service

The Service may modify or update the above mentioned Terms and Conditions of Use from time to time, so we ask that you periodically review them. We can provide you with additional forms of notification about changes or updates according to the circumstances. If you continue using the Service after the changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use, this will mean that you accept such changes.